How to choose a bird cage

The birds cage hygiene and standards affect the health and wholeness of the bird. For the bird to stand upright, spread wings and makes movements the cage should be large enough. The grills or bars used to make the cages should be spaced according to the size of the bird to prevent it from escape an injuries at the same time promoting normal activates and movements by the bird like climbing, playing and others. There some considerations that should be taken into account while choosing a cage and they include:

  1. Household’s security:

With most of these pets spending a lot of the day behind bars they have a lot of time tampering with the cage and they can get loose. This can be improved by

  • Making permanent constructions since any tampering from the birds should not interfere with the cage. Metal cages are preferred to plastic and wooden cages since the others can be easily chewed by the birds depending on the sizes.
  • Incorporating strong latches and locks. The three types of latches usually depend on the type of door. Doors that have hinges use a dead bolt latch while swinging-out doors have a tension closure and doors that are sliding doors in order to remain closed due to gravity for closure.
  • Type of doors used: the bird should have a free passing through the doors and also it should be accessible when it’s in the cage using the doors. This also increase the easiness of the birds to move in and out of the cage.


  1. Shape and model of the cage

The cages are of different shapes and models but they should be easy to maintain encourage the bird’s movements and be of good size. Some of these shapes include

  • Play top cages whereby the cage can have a play top that is built in the cage which is important for interaction with the family and also for playing. These models fit the birds that have little time in their home
  • Flight cage depending on size of the bird these cages are large either at width or length.
  • Classic cages: These fit most of the birds and can be of any size.
  • Dome top cages: these model is good for active birds which fly or climb. The box has a top that is dome shaped covered top section.
  • During choosing a cage size considerations important. This affects the bird’s instinct action like playing perching and flying.

The choice used should be passed by considering the above aspects