Top 10 Best Kind of Pet Parrots

Parrots have been one of the best pets for human beings over a long time because of their bright colors and also their ability for speech imitation.


  • Squakers MacCaw:

This a quiet type that has a wide range of words that does not bite. They originated in South America. They require a small cage and can manage to stay alone with little interaction with man.





  • African grey parrot

It is the most intelligent parrot. It is red tailed and large fray and have a wide range of words they can speak over a thousand words. They are not demanding but charming and brilliant type of birds. They are social parrots though they need no cuddling always.





  • Budgerigar parrots:

They are very popular and have a small body which is beautifully colored. They are mostly green and yellow with blue, white, grey color of small crests.







  • Amazon parrots

They have very many different types in this group most being big loving and with a standing green color.






  • Eclectus parrots:

Have different coloration males and females are different. Males have a bright beak with green coloration with red or blue wings. Females have black beaks red heads with blue chest and red or blue wings.





  • Conures parrots:

These parrots have long tails and strong beaks with ranging coloration. There are different types of these parrots.





  • Pionus parrots:

They have a medium body size and their origin Mexico and South America. They have a bare eye ring short square tail and a fat body. These are gentle with less noise and require less interaction with humans unlike others which require attention from man.






  • Lovebird parrots:

They have one of the smallest in body size in the world and are mostly green. They are affectionate and very social type of birds. They are put in small cages due to their small sizes. They also require toys and an open bird cage for the most of time to avoid their boredom. When they are bored they could end up stressed and have behavioral problems like plucking their feathers and a lot of noise.




  • Parrotlkes parot:

They resemble to parakeets with the small body but they have a wider body and tail.






  • Quakers parrots:

Are also known as monk parget and are social birds they tend to talk a lot very active mostly interacting with their flock. They originated in South America. These birds have an early speaking ability which make them among the best in training them how to talk. They also live longer than many other birds making them even more desirable as pests.